We Value Respect for All Clients, Big & Small

Paul Marsden established Shore Contracting in 2010 to fill a vital gap in the Civil and Demolition industry. His goal was to start a contracting company that actually cared about its clients.

Frustrated by the lack of concern demonstrated on work sites by builders and contractors, Paul set out to grow a company based on the principles of respect and integrity.

Treating all clients with respect, regardless of the size or value of their project is the core vision that drives our business. To ensure this goal is always met, the we introduced a service guarantee that is unmatched by the competition.

Our guarantee is unparalleled in the industry simply because no other contractor can equal our commitment to quality.

How a Different Approach Reaps Positive Outcomes

Shore Contracting values employee development and continued education. We only hire tradesmen and operators who are committed to quality work and are hungry to grow and learn new skills.

Our construction team is backed by engineers and project managers, ensuring that our entire operation takes a positive approach to WHS and EMS.

We like to think of ourselves as being very approachable. We enjoy client feedback as it helps us grow as a company. Often customer feedback has led to the development of new systems and processes that aid in future projects.

In just four short years we have become a contractor of choice. Our success has been based on producing outcomes and a fully satisfied clientele.

Introducing a New Direction for Our Business

By popular demand, Shore Contracting now has a demolition license. Originally concentrating primarily on Landscape & Civil projects, customer requests have literally forced us to get a demolition license!

Demolition work allows us to offer a wider range of services to our current customer base and makes us more attractive to new clients. With the unique guarantee that Shore Contracting offer, demolition will soon become a major facet of our business.

A Positive Attitude: The Secret to Contracting Success

We understand that not everything in business goes to plan every time but our team relishes in the opportunity to enjoy the wins when we have them.

We take a very positive approach towards every project we undertake and love to celebrate successes with our clients.

Thanks and feel free to give me a call.

Paul Marsden