Shore Contracting was engaged by Dragonfly Environmental to restore sensitive bird habitat islands within Port Botany.

Shore Contracting was chosen as their methods for work protected and did not impact on the sensitive area we were working in. Civil works, when you are working in areas of Mangroves and Endangered Ecological community of Saltmarsh is always tricky, but Shore Contracting completed the works with minimal impact to the environment. We were very impressed with the care the operators took and their innovative solutions for any situation that resulted in cost effective outcomes delivered on time.
Post works, rehabilitation of the work area was rapid with much attention to detail to leave the site as if no civil works had occurred.

Throughout the project Shore Contracting had excellent communication so the whole team and client knew the work progress. This work had to be done in a short timeframe due to the window of availability before the return of migratory birds, Shore Contracting achieved this.

André Olson
Dragonfly Environmental

Shore Contracting performed island restoration works in a professional manner, with all members of the Shore Contracting team showing a keen interest in the protection of the area, appreciating the sensitive nature of the project. The positive attitude of Shore Contracting throughout the project is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to future opportunities to work together again.

Chelsea Hankin

29 May 2014

To whom it may concern,

This letter is intended to serve as a reference for Shore Contracting to any prospective employer.

Shore Contracting has performed works for Telstra in the area of earthmoving and drainage upgrades to rural access tracks at some of our network sites. The work involved leveling and grading of the track surface, providing drainage solutions and obtaining any and all permits or permissions required.

Throughout the process, Shore Contracting provided excellent service, keeping me informed with progress and liaising with land owners and utility providers. They were fully aware and compliant to regulations regarding the surrounding environment, ensuring that minimal disturbance took place. The work performed was of a very high standard and overall presentation was above expectation.

Shore contracting was able to provide service within tight timeframes and was essential in maintaining access to some important sites keeping our customers connected.

I have no hesitation in recommending Shore Contracting for any potential work they wish to tender for.

Ryan Senior
Business Initiative Specialist Customer Service Delivery

To whom it may concern:

Shore Contracting has been contracted to perform clearing and excavation work on our property for over 12 months.  They have at all times informed us about what they are doing and why.  They have been reliable and respectful towards all our staff.

I have found the machinery operators to be polite and mindful that all equipment is clean prior to entry to protect the farm.

They work they have undertaken has been varied; however, they have shown a great versatility – from trending to clearing rain forest to clearing along fence lines.

Their equipment is well maintained and reasonably new.

I have found their paperwork always clear and comprehensive.  I would recommend them for any farm or property work.

Yours sincerely,
Robyn Dove
Director – Pines Pastoral