Can’t Keep Up with Vegetation Management?

Environmentally responsible vegetation removal is what Shore Contracting do best. We understand that out of control vegetation is problematic for property owners and have solutions for every situation.

Shore Contracting guarantee smooth and efficient vegetation management while limiting impact on the surrounding environment. We’re able to do this as each removal crew is armed with our Environmental Management System.

We’re the right choice when it comes to vegetation management and we back that promise with the best guarantee in the industry.

Quickly & Quietly: That’s how you remove vegetation.

You want your vegetation removed without interruption to your home life or business.

We complete works with limited downtime and few disturbances, taking special care at properties that are currently occupied and in use.

Rigged with modern plant and equipment, our respectful qualified tradesmen and operators strive to complete every job with as little inconvenience to the client as possible.

The types of vegetation management services Shore Contracting regularly offer includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Roadside clearing
  • Utility access track and corridor construction/maintenance
  • Stormwater canal maintenance
  • Dam and creek embankment maintenance
  • Fire hazard reduction
  • Fire break construction
  • Embankment clearing
  • Lantana clearing and eradication
  • Blackberry clearing and eradication